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Episode One
   Prehistory - 1804

Episode Two
   1804 - 1860

Episode Three
   1860 - 1865

Episode Four
   1865 - 1927

Episode Five
   1927 - 1960

Episode Six
   1960 - Present

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Welcome to Louisiana: A History Timelines . . .  

Click on a link to the left to explore people and events in Louisiana’s colorful history.

EPISODE ONE This Affair of Louisiana Highlights include a look at Louisiana's geography, especially the Mississippi River, as a defining element of our history. The program explores the cultures of Louisiana's first residents, the state's Native American tribes. Also featured are the personalities and events of Louisiana's Colonial Period, which left a lasting imprint on the state. Part one ends with Napoleon selling Louisiana to the United States for $15 million.

EPISODE TWO The New Americans Louisiana becomes America's 18th state in 1812 and begins to become a part of the fledgling nation. There is also an examination of everyday life in Antebellum Louisiana and the economic and cultural forces that drive the state to secede from the Union.

EPISODE THREE War On The Home Front This episode examines Louisiana's role in the Civil War and the impact of this pivotal event on the state and its people. The focus is on the war as it is fought on Louisiana’s soil.

EPISODE FOUR The Search for Order Reconstruction and the rebuilding of our devastated state is viewed through the eyes of both whites and African-Americans. The political, economic, and cultural growing pains at the close of the 19th century are examined.

EPISODE FIVE The Currents of Change Mississippi River flood ravages Louisiana and is the impetus for the creation of a unified levee system along the great river. The emergence of future governor and U. S. Senator Huey Long changes Louisiana politics forever and still affects the state six decades after his assassination. His colorful and erratic younger brother Earl also serves three terms as Governor, with some well-publicized visits to mental institutions during his second term.

EPISODE SIX No Story Is Ever Over The transformation of Louisiana's economy from agriculture to industry, the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s and Louisiana's place in the 21st century are featured in the final episode of the series.


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